I have a background in Finnish and comparative literature, philosophy, and gender studies (with a PhD in Finnish and English literature from University of Helsinki and Justus Liebig University, Giessen, and M. Soc. Sc. in political philosophy from University of Helsinki).

My research focuses on the intersections of literary studies, philosophy of mind, ethics, medicine, and feminist theory. In my PhD, I studied the ways modernist literature evokes and conveys experiences of mental illness and shattering to readers, and the way fictional texts portray “madness” as an embodied experience entangled with the world and socio-cultural norms and narratives. My current project, “Reading Experiences of Pain,” centers on text-reader interaction in narratives of pain and develops new theory of reading as an embodied and political practice.

I am also editor at Finnish philosophical magazine niin & näin for which I have curated theme issues on, e.g., “The Unconscious,” “Political Emotions,” “The Embodied Mind,” “Self-narratives,” and “Madness.”

Before my PhD, I worked at Finnish-African Cultural Centre Villa Karo in Benin and Finland, and as a teacher of Finnish language for foreigners. In addition to literature and philosophy, I have studied art history, museology, and French language. I enjoy multicultural environments, cities, books, remote islands, and lighthouses.

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